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Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are somethong we all dream of, given our country is surrounded by beaches, but try and find a loctoon that is right on the beach can be a challenge. Not to mention the sand, the wind, the beach goers, then wind and the hair, the parking and even the sharks!!! Well its been a while since I’ve done a wedding here and I’ve forgotten how good this venue is! Welcome to Horizons Maroubra Beach. The view up here on level 2 is just amazing. Jeremy, Donna and their team will make the ceremony and reception amazing and the food is awesome and if high standards with the head chef Edmond (previously at the Shangri-La). The space is also a blank canvas so you can bring in as much or as little as you need.

What I love

- the view

- the fresh air

- The staff are so friendly

- It’s a blank canvas

- People watching

- Great for international guest

Things to watch out

- parking can be tricky on a weekend when the weather is hot so please warn your guest

- Can be a bit windy on the balcony, so factor the hair, the veil and any candle ceremony for it

- Half naked people walking around in the background. Haha that’s not so bad sometimes.

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