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Someone Call An Ambulance!

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

These are the words I never thought I would need to say during my duties as a celebrant! It was a warm January afternoon in Sylvania Waters, when I was marrying a couple inside a lovely establishment. Thankfully it was inside as the humidity was high this day, and the air conditioning was on high!

The ceremony went off without a hitch well

sort of. Apparently the brides veil flew off just as she was entering the room due to the wind and was never to be seen again. But she just kept on walking down the aisle and we had a laugh.

Then after the ceremony everyone was asked to walk out the front to have a group photo. Which is always good as everyone is dressed and sober! However having 150+ guest, does make it challenging as everyone sort of turns into cattle and just follows the leader and then stops when everyone stops, and then moves when everyone moves.

So the photographer and videographer were just not organised and I had to tell them where to stand and what to do. Not something I do often, but today's crew were hopeless! Anyway just as we were about to take the group photo, we saw someone collapse in the middle of the crowd and everyone was trying to help.

Apparently "Uncle" (elders terms for our Kiwi friends) collapsed and wasn't doing to well in the heat. Some were saying he was a diabetic, some say he fainted and others said, just get him a drink! Well a few minutes passed and he wasn't getting any better when someone yelled "Call an Ambulance".

Within 7-10mins the Ambulance arrived and came to his aid. His blood pressure was low and his sugars were low. So they took him off to Sutherland Hospital and was back at the reception by 8pm to hit the dance floor.

He is fully recovered and fully hydrated by this stage!

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