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Well thats a Wrap!

2018 has finally come to end, and just a big thank you to all my B&G's, G&G's, B&B's this year. It has been an exciting year, with Same-Sex Marriages now legalised in this country (finally!!), and me becoming a fully fledged Funeral Director in Sydney and the arrival of my new baby Harry the Hearse.

2019 is going to be a massive year, I can just feel it in my bones! Next year will take me to new locations, venues or even the good old favourites, but what I do know is that the ceremony is the most critical part to a day, and really sets the tone, so make sure you choose the correct Celebrant!

Yesterday I finished the year with 2 weddings and an MC job. The first wedding was on-board the Majestic Princess at Circular Quay.... wow what a boat! Then off to Taronga Zoo to the Bird Amphitheatre for my next ceremony, then quickly back up to the function center for the reception where I MC'd. The sunset was amazing and I thought I would leave this as my last thought for 2018:

Never get too stressed for your big day! Shit may go wrong, but no-one will die! Things will go missing, but no-one will die! People behave weirdly - but no-one will die! So stay calm, relax, and enjoy the night you have been planning for a long-time!


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